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TASC releases new Complete Seed Kits

Growing Your Own Plants Has Never Been Easier

TASC releases new Complete Seed Kits

01 January 2022

Tasc LLC is excited to announce the launch of our new Complete Seed Kits.  A seed growing kit that includes 6 seed plugs with pre planted seeds.  Growing vegetables and herbs from seed has never been easier!  We created a high tech seed plug that makes it easy to grow your own veggies and herbs with amazing results. Our pods are perfectly calibrated with nutrients and optimal levels of pH to ensure the perfect conditions for accelerated plant growth.  Optimal density (air & soil) of pressed organic material that contains all the necessary fertilizer and nutrients to ensure quick and effortless germination that eliminates common seed failures.

This kit makes it so easy to grow from seed to plant in just a few weeks, with an unsurpassed success rate and no transplant shock.
Frank Boendermaker, CEO @ TASC

These seed plugs remove so many variables that cause seed failures.  No more under or over watering.  Soil temp, circulation, drainage and fertilization are all managed by the plug, meaning all you need is water and moderate sunlight to successfully grow a plant from these kits.



• fixed air-to-water ratio
• air pruning effect
• predetermined pH and EC value
• self-regulating
• unmatched quick water uptake
• evenly divided moisture level throughout the medium
• 100% compostable
• no transplant shock
• unsurpassed success rate


About:  When we garden, we foster wellbeing. As we dig and plant, we connect with ourselves and nature in the moment. Creating a garden asks us to be rooted in the present and optimistic about the future.

The best gardens are created with patience, attention and nurturing. When we foster theses qualities in the garden they develop within ourselves and our relationships. 

We believe sharing is caring. Transparency is an important part of our company. We work openly with our suppliers and retailers to find ways to share our innovation, success stories, ways to improve, and accept criticism. Everyone’s thoughts are valued and we believe two minds (and perspectives!) are better than one. We believe in doing right, even if it isn’t easy. The consumer is at the heart of our business. Every decision we make is to improve the quality, experience, enjoyment, and success of the consumer.

Available at: Costco, Home Depot, Canadian Tire & Walmart.