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Director Operations - Gardenvision

We are a rapid growing company. We import flower bulbs, seed, edibles, plants and planters to north America. Our core business is in Canada where we have a 70+% market share with our products We are looking to expand our business to the US and the first steps are made. 

We are looking for a proven leader to run our Holland operations. 


  1. Manage all Gardenvisions operations, production, logistics & bulb purchasing,
  2. Be responsible for the operational budget Create and manage budgets
  3. Implement process & structure
  4. Continue the implementation ERP system in the warehouse and for planning purposes
  5. Create an atmosphere with clear rules and expectations. A place where employees are held accountable
  6. Help rebuild/create an organization that will be ready to manage 15mm in volume
  7. Hire the right people (get the right people on the bus) make sure all positions in the organization can be done by two people (if we lose a person, we will be able to continue) At the same time create a bench, hire talent, test them and move them into the organization. Manage people’s workloads
  8. Have the ability to undertake and finish projects yourself. 

Ultimately, the “buck stops with you.” You will dig in.  You are responsible for the wellbeing of our operations in Holland.

Key characteristics of success:

  1. Have a personality
  2. You are a curious and inquisitive person: You want to dissect the numbers/organization/systems and try to find and poke holes to find issues and improve the business
  3. You aren’t afraid of confrontation:  You are not afraid to tell colleagues about issues or mistakes and are able to set expectations and demands of others
  4. You assume people make mistakes: You are responsible to check and find those mistakes.
  5. You don’t overlook the details:  As far as you are concerned, the details are where the success or failure of a project is determined.
  6. Financial back ground

Nice to have:

  • Back ground in logistics, procurement, lean
  • Have a filled rolodex

About Gardenvision and TASC:  We are a company that challenges you, provides autonomy, and lets you grow within your role to develop your skillset.  We believe finding the right people is more important than fulfilling a specific role.  We find the below attributes integral to our operations:

  • We create goodness.  We sell flower bulbs that create beauty in gardens, fruit and vegetables that put food from garden-to-table, and other garden supplies that make it all come together.  Our products are good for the body, mind, and the world around us.  We are proud to make a positive impact on Earth.
  • We are growing.  And in more ways than one! Our company has seen tremendous growth in the past 5 years and there is a lot more opportunity in front of us.  By joining TASC, you are joining a company that is humbly rooted but reaching towards the sky (and fast!)
  • We are a boot-strapped company.  As a private, well-capitalized company, all decisions are made to benefit the longevity and success of the company, not outside shareholders.  We run a lean operation so this means you have to be scrappy, but it also means you’ll have real responsibility over your ideas and projects.  You’ll get credit for your wins, learn from your mistakes, and have the ability to see your projects impact our strategy and connect with millions of consumers.  
  • We play in the big leagues.  You don’t have to work for a big company to work with big companies.  Our customers are big-box retailers so you’ll get to see your work come to fruition at a very large scale, while still working for an entrepreneurial company 
  • We believe sharing is caring.  Transparency is an important part of our company.  We work openly with our suppliers and retailers to find ways to share our innovation, success stories, ways to improve, and accept criticism. Everyone’s thoughts are valued and we believe two minds (and perspectives!) are better than one.
  • We believe in doing right, even if it isn’t easy.  The consumer is at the heart of our business.  Every decision we make is to improve the quality, experience, enjoyment, and success of the consumer.  Profit is a symptom of being sincere and doing the right thing.
  • We value passion over pedigree.  We don’t have advanced education degree requirements to work at TASC.  What we do require is intellectual curiosity, a can-do attitude, and the dedication to turn your ideas into action – and these qualities aren’t learned sitting in a classroom.  
  • We think life is a hustle.  We wouldn’t have reached where we are today without turning dreams into plans.  If you’re a goal-oriented person, you’ll fit right in with our collective of hard-working, intelligent, and ambitious colleagues that don’t settle for anything less than excellence. 

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