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Inside Look – Our Tulip Pick Farm

An inside look at our TASC Tulip Pick Farm


Hey, did you ever wonder what inspired our Tulip Pick farm in Fenwick, ON?


We are TASC.  Our owner, Frank Boendermaker, emigrated from Holland to the United States when he was 20 years old.  Back in the 1980’s, in his late teens, he had visions of experiencing some of the sights and scenes from two of his favorite shows: Miami Vice and Bay Watch, – perhaps even hoping to meet one of those beach babes! Soon after arriving and taking on a few jobs, he established his home first in Seattle and later in Wisconsin-a far cry from the beach!


Frank is now the 5th generation in the bulb business.  His grandfather was a hyacinth grower and exporter and when Frank was young, he heard stories of his grandfather’s adventures.   Many years later, Frank began his own bulb company, called TASC, in New Jersey (back to the beach!) and travels similar routes that his grandfather did: Canada, Chicago, Seattle and Holland.


After the company was established and built over the years, TASC sought to improve its content and photography for its products.  In November 2020, a decision was made to plant several tulip bulbs in Canada.  At that time, we had no idea the pandemic would continue to worsen. As the months progressed, the economy was in flux, spirits were low, and the future was uncertain.


In late winter 2021, TASC decided to not only use the tulip farm for product photography but believed the magnificent tulips should be shared and enjoyed by others.  Since Canada continued to fluctuate the opening and closing of its parks, stores and schools due the pandemic, the decision to open the Tulip Pick Farm was made just five days prior when the Niagara Health Department granted its approval.  An ad was placed in the local newspaper and we hoped for the best.  After 7 days of opening, TASC Tulip Pick Farm sold out.


We were thrilled to be welcomed by the community while providing an awe-inspiring, relaxing environment for all to view and take photos of the tulips.  Not only did our Tulip Pick Farm provide smiles as visitors strolled and picked gorgeous tulips, but it helped TASC collect stories and photos to share its message with you.


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