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"When we garden, we foster wellbeing. As we dig and plant, we connect with ourselves and nature in the moment. Creating a garden asks us to be rooted in the present and optimistic about the future.

The best gardens are created with patience, attention and nurturing. When we foster these qualities in the garden they develop within ourselves and our relationships."

Frank Boendermaker Founder

About Tasc

Established in 2008 by Dutch born Frank Boendermaker, TASC set out to share the beauty of Tulip Gardens from Holland with North America, prioritizing quality, efficiency, and price-point for consumers.

TASC is about more than just flowers; it's about creating an unforgettable experience and spreading the joy of Tulips far and wide. In 2021, we introduced the TASC Pick Farm in Fenwick, Ontario, planting over 2 million tulip bulbs annually and welcoming over 120,000 visitors to date to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, resulting in cherished memories. To learn more about the TASC Pick Farm,

Our commitment to passion, creativity, and excellence propels us to the forefront of the floral industry. We work closely with top bulb suppliers in Holland to offer consumers the most breathtaking varieties in the highest quality possible. As our business has flourished, so has our product range, expanding to encompass a wide selection of flower bulbs, alongside vegetables and fruits sourced from Canada and the United States.. Additionally, we offer hard goods that complement the gardening experience, ensuring a well-rounded offering for our valued customers.

Our Roots Are In Holland

Bulb cultivation has remained a cornerstone of Dutch agriculture for centuries, tracing its roots back to the 16th century.

Today, providing you with the highest-quality bulbs isn't just a commitment; it's a point of pride for the dedicated farmers who cultivate them. With sandy, fertile soil and temperate climate combined with generations of agricultural expertise, this region offers the ideal conditions for growing some of the world’s finest exports.

Our network of Dutch-based bulb and perennial suppliers have banded together with others in the industry within the Sustainable Suppliers of Horticulture Quality Products, an international organization with a bold mission. Their aim is to deliver fully sustainable products to consumers by 2024, meeting strict criteria covering environmental practices, product quality and excellence, and the well-being of the hardworking individuals that make it all happen. To learn more about specific actions being taken by this organization.


Our Promise

We are here to support your growing journey with the highest quality products available and the knowledge toolbox to help you achieve garden success.

We create goodness

We sell flower bulbs that create beauty in gardens, fruit and vegetables that put food from garden-to-table, and other garden supplies that make it all come together. Our products are good for the body, mind, and the world around us. Click here to discover our products.

We believe sharing is caring

Growing a vibrant community among our fellow garden enthusiasts is what makes our green thumbs tingle with joy! Whether we're creating unforgettable memories at the TASC Pick Farm, swapping pics of our backyard oasis, getting our hands dirty with the kids in the veggie patch, or dishing out our best planting secrets, there's a whole garden full of wisdom we can harvest together. Click here to join in on the conversation.

We believe in doing right

Every choice we make is centered on making our customers happy at every stage of their TASC journey - from our product quality and experience to results seen in the garden. That’s why we guarantee every product we sell and are committed to ensuring every gardener's satisfaction and success. Click here to learn about our grow guarantee.

We strive for improvement

Every action we take leaves its mark. It echoes through community, industry, the environment and for generations to come. We don't profess perfection, for we're all a work in progress, but we make every effort to be mindful of our impact on the world and strive for improvement wherever we can. Whether it's optimizing our supply chain, proudly partnering with Sustainable Bulb Suppliers, inspiring those around us to appreciate the value of nature. Click here to learn more about our commitments.

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Tasc Team Picks


“Watching herbs and veggies grow from a seed is such a rewarding experience that my entire family enjoys. The Pre-Seeded Grow Kits make it super easy for my kids – we just add water and watch the plant grow. My daughter especially loves running down to our basement all year round to get fresh greens for salad, while my son plucks tomatoes off the vine in the summer and eats them straight away! Everything just tastes better when YOU grow it.“

Lana | Marketing



"I love that Amaryllis are incredibly easy to grow so even when family life gets chaotic, they bloom beautifully. When everything outside seems dead and dull, they bring a bit of the vibrancy of life inside - a little reminder that spring is coming!"

Kelly | Sales



"I absolutely love flowers, especially when I get to cut my own flowers and create a beautiful indoor arrangement. My goal every Spring is to plan my landscaping so that I’m able to see flowers from every window looking into my backyard all summer long. My “go to” flower for the majority of my cut flowers is the beautiful Dahlia! They come in so many colours, shapes and sizes - each one is sure to make a statement!"

Ellen | Accounting