Account Administrator

Asbury Park, NJ

Job Description:

The Walmart and Canadian Tires accounts are well-established and key accounts for TASC.  As the business manager and primary administrator of these accounts, this role serves as the primary point of contact for all matters related to the accounts. A successful business manager will:

  • Ensure timely program setups and account administration, including accurate item agreements 
  • Set new items up in retailer systems with appropriate costing and information
  • Submit and check purchase order information against committed pricing and quantities
  • Enter program information into business systems (Microsoft Business Central)
  • Coordinate a hand-off of programs to operations, including accurate and timely communication of customer buying decisions, volumes, timeline, and shipping parameters
  • Monitor and track in-season program performance and take corrective action as needed
  • Identify improvements for future seasons and work with product development and operations to implement solutions

Characteristics of a Strong Candidate: 

  1. Down to earth and has personality. 
  2. Precise and accurate.
  3. Ability to work under pressure and the ability to work with tight deadlines.
  4. Strong attention to detail. Believes the details are where the success or failure of a project is determined.
  5. Tenacious, strong will-power, and drive.  Takes on challenges.
  6. Suggests new ideas without being prompted and volunteer to take on new projects.
  7. Logical problem solver.  Sees how many different pieces of a puzzle come together.
  8. Power-user of excel.  Uses excel beyond v-lookups, pivot tables.
  9. Communicates ideas and can take them from idea to reality quickly.
  10. Approaches problems from different angles.  You understand that two minds are better than one.
  11. Ability to “wear multiple hats.”
  12. Embraces failure as a learning opportunity.
  13. Has a clear understanding of mass retailer systems (RetailLink, DataVault)
  14. Has 5+ years of experience with national chain stores
Email your resume to Careers@Tascllc.Com