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About TASC:

We are a fast-growing, fast-paced company that has doubled in size in the past few years. We supply consumer packaged goods of gardening products in North America. Driven by innovation and attention to detail, the company has established strong customer relationships with leading retailers, including Costco, Home Depot, Walmart, and Canadian Tire. TASC offers an exciting portfolio of products including flower bulbs, fruit and vegetables, seed, and planters.

Job Description:

TASC seeks a robust Warehouse Manager reporting to steer the heart of our operations with authority and expertise. This dual-role powerhouse ensures not only the relentless pace and precision of our production lines but also the flourishing success of our Tulip Pick Farm. You're the field marshal in a dynamic environment where every detail counts and every day presents a new challenge to conquer, and will be reporting to our Operations Manager.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Command the production lines, ensuring operational excellence and top-tier output.
  • Oversee the meticulous receiving process, affirming that all materials are accounted for with pinpoint precision.
  • Keep a tight rein on inventory, ensuring figures are accurate and reflective of on-hand stock.
  • Propel the workforce to maximum efficiency, emphasizing speed without sacrificing quality.
  • Innovate and enforce strategies that streamline processes and enhance productivity and cost savings.
  • Lead with tenacity, managing conflicts with a firm but fair hand, and keeping team morale high.
  • Extend your leadership to our Tulip Pick Farm, applying your horticultural know-how to manage crop production and team roles effectively.
  • Oversee the execution of farm tasks, ensuring alignment with agricultural best practices and our commitment to quality.
  • Manage timesheets and labor processes, ensuring team activities are in lockstep with our labor budget and productivity goals.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • A commanding presence with a practical, get-it-done attitude.
  • Boasts a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to operational accuracy.
  • Excels under pressure, with a proven ability to meet challenging deadlines.
  • A seasoned leader, adept at inspiring, directing, and developing a diverse team.
  • Offers innovative problem-solving skills, with a penchant for optimizing workflows.
  • Experienced in conflict resolution, with the ability to navigate and neutralize potential disputes.
  • Demonstrates horticultural expertise, particularly in managing crop production and farm operations.
  • Has a history of aligning team efforts with financial constraints and productivity benchmarks.

Join TASC and become the driving force behind our production prowess and the growth of our prized Tulip Pick Farm. If you're ready to dig deep, lead with vigor, and cultivate success, your place is here with us.

Characteristics of a Strong Candidate: 

  1. Down to earth and has personality.
  2. Precise and accurate.
  3. Ability to work under pressure and the ability to work with tight deadlines.
  4. Strong attention to detail. Believes the details are where the success or failure of a project is determined.
  5. Tenacious, strong will-power, and drive.  Takes on challenges.
  6. Suggests new ideas without being prompted and volunteer to take on new projects.
  7. Logical problem solver.  Sees how many different pieces of a puzzle come together.
  8. Communicates ideas and can take them from idea to reality quickly.
  9. Approaches problems from different angles.  You understand that two minds are better than one.
  10. Ability to “wear multiple hats.”
  11. Embraces failure as a learning opportunity.
  12. Has a clear understanding of supply chain management
  13. Has 5+ years of experience with operations management or a related field.
  14. Has 5+ years of experience in horticulture management



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