Acorn Mesh Bird Feeder
Acorn Mesh Bird Feeder
Acorn Mesh Bird Feeder
Acorn Mesh Bird Feeder

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Acorn Mesh Bird Feeder

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  • Diamond mesh surface is the perfect landing space for clinging birds
  • Easy to hang and refill
  • Sure-Lock cap secures the lid to keep squirrels out

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About Acorn Mesh Bird Feeder

Setting up a bird feeder is a simple yet profound way to connect with nature, providing moments of serenity and a deeper appreciation for the biodiversity that exists just beyond your window. Introducing strategically positioned feeders can transform your backyard into a lively aviary as birds supplement their natural food sources in your own backyard.

This unique, Acorn Hanging Bird Feeder features a diamond mesh surface that serves as an ideal perch for clinging birds. The mesh not only offers a comfortable landing spot but also facilitates ventilation, ensuring that wet seeds dry quickly and maintain their freshness for extended periods. The sure-Lock cap secures the lid to keep squirrels out. Easy to clean and refill seed, simply unscrew the metal ring. Can be hung on a tree or hook.

Assembly: Unscrew the metal ring at the top of the feeder and remove lid. Fill with large seed, sunflower, or peanuts. Reinstall the lid and secure the metal ring.

Material: PVC, Metal Wire

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