Complete Seed Grow Kit

This kit makes it easy to germinate seeds and help kick start your plants by just adding water. These plugs have a perfect balance of air and nutrients.  All you have to do is JUST ADD WATER and place in a spot that gets moderate sunlight.

Cilantro - Santo
Discover Our Secret

Discover Our Secret

Our Plugs are Easy

Overall Health

Studies tells us that gardening can contribute to better health and well being. 


Growing your own vegetables has a positive effect on the environment.

Just Add Water

All you have to do is add water and the plug will take care of the rest.

Tasc - Complete Seed Kit - Lavender

Perfectly Balanced

Our plugs are perfectly balanced to ensure the seed gets the right amount of moisture, air and nutrients.

Educational and Fun

Teaching your kids to care for a plant can be a fun learning experience.


We guarantee your seed will germinate in as little as 4 weeks.

Simple Steps to Follow

Step 1

Remove lid and fill 1/2 way with water.  When fully soaked pour away excess water.

Step 2

Place lid loosely on the base, do not push down.  Place on a window sill out of direct sunlight.

Step 3

Add water if plugs dry out.  Remove lid and place under base when you see germination.

Step 4

Transplant in garden or planter when roots become visable.  Do not plant outside until after last frost.


This group includes a variety of choices including watermelon, lettuce and cucumbers.


This group includes a variety of tomatoes, peppers & eggplant. 


This group includes basil, parsley, thyme, dill, sage, chive & rosemary.


This group includes Lavender and Mint.

Complete Seed Kits

Choose from the categories below to view our seed kit offerings.

Salad Night Pack

Discover the joy of making an organic salad picked from your garden.


Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce, Sweet Pepper


Six Seed Plugs for each variety

Grow time:

Varies, see individual packaging

Health & Happiness:

You better believe it!

Complete Seed Kit Multi Packs

Everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

Pasta Night Pack

Create your own past dishes with your own herbs and vegetables straight from your garden!


Seed Kits

6 seeded plugs of each variety


Seed Plugs

for growing your seeds


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Our Bulb Collection

Tulip Single Late Assorted

  • 20 Bulbs
  • A stunning assorted mix with some of the biggest blooms and brightest colours available
  • The sturdy long stems withstand spring wind and rain
  • Extend the spring bloom season with these cup-shaped blooms that come to life as other spring flowers begin to fade

Tulip Double Late Vanilla Coup

  • 20 Bulbs
  • Unique double tulips with multi-layered white blossoms in center are surrounded with pale yellow and fresh green petals to resemble an ice cream cone
  • Long-lasting, large blooms can be up to 10 cm (4 in.) across when fully opened
  • Brighten your spring garden with these show-stopping fall-planted bulbs
  • For maximum impact, plant these tulips in groups or clusters
  • Creates a sensation in flower beds, borders, containers or as cut flower displays

Muscari Grape Hyacinths Assorted

  • 45 bulbs
  • Bead-like flowers are strung together into a cone shape along thin stems
  • The fragrant clusters of gradient blues and cloud whites will last for weeks and are a favorite amongst pollinators
  • Naturalizes easily for stunning blooms year after year

Narcissus Trumpet Dutch Master

  • 15 Bulbs will produce at least 22 flowers year after year
  • The most widely grown daffodil in the world
  • Long stemmed, large bright yellow flowers with exceptionally long, large trumpets
  • Always provides a dependable display of early spring color and is an excellent choice for naturalizing
  • Will thrive and multiply with little care, creating a glorious landscape

Tulip Double Early Assorted

  • 20 Bulbs
  • Large, double-flowered tulips unleash a burst of colour in one stunning collection
  • Double-petaled beauty has lush layers of velvet soft, curved petals for a Peony-like appearance
  • Creates a sensation in flower beds, borders, containers or as cut flower displays

Narcissus Large-Cupped Accent

  • 15 Bulbs will produce at least 22 flowers
  • The elegant large-cupped Daffodil boasts velvet white, overlapping petals surrounding a ribbed coral-pink center
  • Award winning variety, with fragrant flowers adds a contrasting pop to any springtime garden
  • A terrific naturalizer that will thrive and multiply, with little care, year after year

Hyacinth Orientalis Pink, Purple & Red

  • 12 Bulbs
  • Planted in the fall, Hyacinths produce showy spring flowers in shades of pink, purple, and red
  • Each flower is densely clustered with star-shaped florets
  • Easy to grow and maintain, this mix has a wonderful fragrance and is best planted in a cluster

Tulip Fringed Assorted

  • 20 Bulbs
  • A combination of Fringe Tulip favorites in one stunning collection
  • The long-lasting flowers have finely ruffled, crystalline fringe on the edge of their petals
  • Add exciting dimension to any spring flower beds, borders or containers


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