Dutch Iris Growing Guide

Planting Dutch Iris

  • Plant in spring after the last frost.
  • If you cannot plant your bulbs and perennials right away, store them in a cool, dry, dark location, like a basement.
  • These bulbs need full sun and they do best in well-drained soil.
  • Plant them with the pointy end up about 10 cm (4 in) deep and 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4 in) apart.
  • Water thoroughly after planting.

Growing Dutch Iris

  • Dutch Iris plants are tall and slim. When planted in large containers add other bulbs, perennials or annuals to fill out the area around their ankles.
  • The upright foliage and stately flowers of Dutch Iris add structure and beauty to the garden.

Care Dutch Iris

  • Water as needed during active growth periods, but allow the soil to become dry between watering.
  • Fertilize just before they start blooming.
  • When in bloom, feel free to cut some flowers for bouquets.

Winterizing Dutch Iris

  • After flowering, the leaves should be allowed to die down. The leaves will gather sunlight and provide nourishment for next year’s show.
  • These bulbs prefer not to be watered while dormant.
  • These bulbs come back for several years.
Dutch Iris