Strawberry Grow Bag

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Strawberry Grow Bag

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  • Grow Bags are fantastic for growing strawberries in a small space
  • Large side pockets accommodate the shallow roots and hanging growth habits of strawberries
  • Two reinforced handles make it easy to move the Grow Bag both indoor and outdoors

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About Strawberry Grow Bag

Embrace the farm-to-table movement and indulge in the satisfaction of harvesting your own homegrown strawberries. A Strawberry Grow Bag serves as a compact and efficient solution, accommodating various settings such as expansive gardens, patios or small balconies - transforming even compact spaces into ideal gardening spots.

Its thoughtful design, complete with large side pockets to accommodate the shallow roots and hanging growth habits of strawberries, fosters optimal growth and ensures a bountiful yield. With two reinforced handles, it's easy to move the Grow Bag both indoor and outdoors.

You can start planting your strawberry plants 2 weeks after the last spring frost. Place the strawberry bag in a sunny location and maintain a regular watering schedule. Keep the soil moist, but avoid over-watering.

Beyond strawberries, these bags can also be used for growing a variety of plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and are perfect for those who prefer a non-permanent garden solution.

  • Origin
    Origin China
  • Usage
    Usage Container Garden, Culinary Garden
  • Plant Characteristics
    Plant Characteristics Outdoor

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