Logistics & Inventory Control Manager

Asbury Park, NJ


Job Description:

The Logistics & Inventory Control Manager is an integral part of our TASC team that will have the ability to control the logistic process from scheduling right through final store delivery.  Working with our creative in-house team, current freight partners and sourcing out new ones, the manager will be able make a significant contribution to the success of the company. Logistics is critical to smooth operations and a major part of TASC’s core values of Value and Precision.  A successful manager will:


·       Help create a production schedule and ensure that all timelines are met

·       Work with coworkers and freight partners to ensure that all issues related to the schedule are properly handled and resolved

·       Make sure delivery/shipping schedules are available in a timely fashion and the production manager has a clear understanding of what is required

·       Provide help with creating production orders and updating completed ones within our ERP

·       Create all BOLs and labels required for all transfers and outgoing shipments

·       Managing all transfer orders from start to finish

·       Ensure products delivered/transferred are received properly and entered into the ERP

·       Work the accounting department to update the ERP when shipments are complete to ensure the billing process is finalized

·       Closely work with vendors to ensure TASC’s supply needs are adequately met in a timely manner

·       Perform inventory analysis at the end of each season, highlighting opportunities for improvement

·       Build and maintain long term relationships with freight partners



Characteristics of a Strong Candidate:

  1. Down to earth and has personality.

  2. Precise and accurate.

  3. Ability to work under pressure and the ability to work with tight deadlines.

  4. Strong attention to detail. Believes the details are where the success or failure of a project is determined.

  5. Tenacious, strong will-power, and drive.  Takes on challenges.

  6. Suggests new ideas without being prompted and volunteer to take on new projects.

  7. Logical problem solver.  Sees how many different pieces of a puzzle come together.

  8. Power-user of excel.  Uses excel beyond v-lookups, pivot tables.

  9. Communicates ideas and can take them from idea to reality quickly.

  10. Approaches problems from different angles.  You understand that two minds are better than one.

  11. Ability to “wear multiple hats.”

  12. Embraces failure as a learning opportunity.

  13. Experience using an ERP system, is an asset preferably Dynamics 365 Business Central

  14. Has a clear understanding of supply chain management

  15. Has 5+ years of experience with logistics or a related field.
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