How-To Guide to Watering Plants

How-To Guide to Watering Plants

Did I overwater? Are my plants still thirsty? These are questions that everyone has asked at some point. But don’t worry, with a touch of care, your green thumb can easily blossom into a vibrant success!

Here's the scoop: aim for giving your garden a nice, refreshing two-inch shower every week. Think of it like treating your plants to a spa day! Instead of frequent but shallow sprinkles, go for one or two deep, satisfying soaks.

But, hey, we're all unique, right? Depending on where you are, the type of soil under your plants' feet, and the personalities of your leafy buddies, you might need to tweak the advice a bit.

So, be BFFs with your soil, get cozy with your plants, and watch your garden turn into a happy, hydrated paradise!


Best practices for watering

  • Soil, Not Leaves: Treat your plants like divas – focus on the roots! Ditch the leafy spa treatment and water the soil. Use a long hose or a fabulous-necked watering can. For VIP treatment, consider an irrigation system.
  • Morning Bliss: Avoid midday madness; water in the morning to prevent sunburn. Evening watering might sound romantic, but it's a fungal fiesta if leaves stay wet overnight.
  • Thorough Thirst: Happy plants have superhero roots. Water thoroughly but not too often. Exceptions exist; cool kids like onions and garlic appreciate a bit more frequent attention.

Grab your watering gear, cue some tunes for your plants, and let the hydration dance begin!

Irrigation systems

Feeling like you're in a never-ending tango with your garden hose? Time to sprinkle a bit of magic and upgrade to an irrigation system! Perfect for those gardeners who'd rather not moonlight as hose-wielding superheroes or have gardens that seem to have grown legs.

Now, let's break down three irrigation systems:


Think lawns, not gardens. They're the cool cats of water delivery, spraying it in the air like a garden party. Not our top pick for the more sophisticated garden affairs as the water will be hitting the leaves instead of directly watering the roots..

Soaker Hoses:

The laid-back, budget-friendly option. Picture porous hoses meandering through borders and rows, casually leaking water into the soil at the plants roots. Throw in a timer, and voilà – your garden practically waters itself! But, fair warning, there's a hose-length limit and needs to be replaced often. Additionally, soaker hoses do not have control over how much water is released, so there’s a higher chance of overwatering than with drip irrigation.

Drip Irrigation:

Now, we're talking about the MVP system for flower and produce maestros. It might seem fancy, but fear not – it's not much trickier or pricier than the soaker hose and can last for years. Once the drip irrigation system is assembled and activated, water efficiently reaches the plant's root zone, providing the precise amount required and maintaining consistent soil moisture. Simplify your life by programming a timer to initiate and conclude drip irrigation at your preferred times, freeing up additional time for you to relish your garden.

So, say goodbye to hose tango, and let the irrigation symphony begin!