Potatoes Growing Guide

Planting Potatoes

  • You can start planting your seed potatoes 2 weeks after the last spring frost.
  • Choose a planting spot in full sun and well-drained, loose soil.
  • Be sure to spade or loosen the soil extremely well. Potatoes will not grow in hard or compact soil.
  • Place the tubers with the sprouts facing up in shallow trenches 15 cm (6 in) wide, space them 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 in) apart, and cover with 8 cm (3 in) of soil.
  • Water thoroughly after planting

Growing Potatoes

  • Potatoes need consistent moisture, so water regularly when tubers start to form.
  • As soon as the shoots appear, earth up each plant by covering it with a ridge of soil so that the shoots are just buried.
  • You need to do this at regular intervals and by the end of the season each plant will have a small mound around it about 15 cm (6 in) high.

Care Potatoes

  • You can harvest potatoes in stages - “young” or “early” potatoes should be ready about 10 weeks after planting (when the flowers appear). Take a few without pulling up the stems, and leave others to continue growing into full-sized potatoes.
  • For storage of full-sized potatoes, wait until the foliage turns yellow, then cut and remove. Leave for 10 days before harvesting the tubers.
  • After harvesting, leave the tubers on the soil surface for a few hours to dry.
  • Once dry store them in a dark, cool but frost free place.

Winterizing Potatoes

  • Les pommes de terre de semence peuvent être plantées deux semaines après le dernier gel printanier.
  • Choisir un emplacement en plein soleil au sol meuble et bien drainé.
  • Penser à très bien labourer ou ameublir la terre avant la plantation, car les pommes de terre ne poussent pas si le sol est dur ou compact.
  • Placer les tubercules espacés de 20 à 30 cm, les pousses vers le haut, dans des tranchées peu profondes de 15 cm de largeur, puis les couvrir de 8 cm de terre.
  • Arroser abondamment après la plantation.